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Welcome to Asahikan.

  • Ise Jingu Shrine shrine that attracts 7 million people annually.Its knees and Futamigaura have been admired since ancient times as a place of "Misogi (ritual purification of Japanese Shito)". And, when you visit Ise Jingu Shrine, it is said that you cleanse your mind and body with the sea and the sun in front of the sea of Futami and Meoto Iwa (rock).

    This place is said to be a place to rejuvenate life, to enhance the purity of the heart and bring happiness to that person.For contemporary people who are losing their desire for greed and losing their own, Futamigaura is required as a precisely necessary place.
  • Now, for many people who want to visit again, Japanese Cuisine Asahikan welcomes you with the “Japanese Cuisine Asahikan Somin Shorai’s heart (lucky charm based on a Japanese folk)”.
  • ●Information on Asahikan
    ·No smoking allowed inside the building
    ·Capacity: 123 people
    ·Rooms: 35 rooms
    ·A bathhouse:Decoration, Hime
    ·Banquet hall: 218 square meters(With stage), 91 square meters(With stage), 54 square meters
    ·Conference room: accommodates 60 people
    ·Incidental facility:Karaoke room, Coffee Lounge, shop, Yuwari Salon
    ·Parking lot: 30 units